A Holistic Approach to Health and Hair Growth for Women Over 40 ✨



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What is Let's Get Growing?

Over the past year, I have been pouring my heart and soul into developing my very first online course for you!

As Curl House has evolved over the last 10+ years (from hair salon to hair loss center, to product-based e-commerce store), I have evolved. My journey towards a healthier lifestyle has changed the way I see and educate women on caring for their natural hair.

The more time I spend with women who are dealing with hair loss and other hair challenges, the more convinced I am that healthy hair truly starts with a healthy body and mindset.

And even though I have an amazing product line that certainly aids in hair health and growth, for many women HAIR PRODUCTS ALONE ARE NOT ENOUGH!

This Program is For You:

If you have natural or relaxed hair, and you’re ready to experience what healthy hair truly feels like!

Are ready to make changes or improve some of your current lifestyle practices.

Are ready to invest in yourself and willing to commit at least 7 weeks to completing milestone assignments, participating in LIVES, and joining a group of like-minded women focused on growing their hair.

What’s special/unique about this round? This is my founder’s round, so I am offering a special rate. You can also expect individualized group support and up close and personal feedback during this round in a way I’ve never done.

Are you struggling with hair loss and breakage and not sure what else to do?

Can’t figure out why your hair is breaking, falling out, or barely growing at all?

Or can you relate to any of these statements? 

  • You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products that promise to regrow your hair, but nothing seems to work…

  • Your hair grows to a certain length, then just stops, and you’re not sure what else to do…

  • Your ponytail or afro puff are getting smaller and smaller…

  • You avoid washing your hair because you don’t want to see large clumps of hair in your comb or detangling brush…
  • Your hair seems super dry, brittle and prone to breakage, regardless of how many deep conditioning “treatments” you do….

  • You are tired of wearing wigs, weaves, and other protective styles to camouflage your thinning hair or edges…

I’ve been where you are. I’ve experienced hair loss, hair thinning, change in texture, and breakage. If you’ve tried nearly everything imaginable to grow or regrow your hair with no real results, why not take a different approach to achieving your hair goals?

Just imagine what it will feel like to enjoy healthier hair.

Here’s the truth:

When you adjust your mindset to focus on a healthier lifestyle…Guess what?! Hair growth becomes the BONUS!

You can keep pouring money into products and promises, or...

You can make the shift for total hair and body self-care, with long-term rewards that keep on giving.

Let’s go ahead and put them out there – what are your hesitations about focusing on your health to achieve your healthy hair goals?  

  • “I don’t think my hair will grow back.”
  • “I’m so incredibly stressed out right now. This just seems like another thing I have to do”.
  • “I’ve tried so many hair products and nothing seems to really work.”
  • “I’m embarrassed by how long I’ve not prioritized my health”.
  • “I have other relatives with similar issues, so I know there’s no hope for me”.

You are not alone in your thinking. Everyone thinks at least one of these thoughts at some point or another, including me, when I first started experiencing hair loss at one of the busiest and most stressful times in my life.  And at that time, I was a certified hair loss specialist and STILL experienced many of the very same concerns as you.  What I later figured out, is that I didn’t place enough value on my own needs, and what also became very clear, is that I simply was afraid.

But Guess What…

On the other side of fear is FAITH

Faith in YOURSELF! Faith in your ability to prioritize self care to achieve your haircare goals! Faith in the process to grow, regrow, or restore your hair from thinning, damage or breakage. 

As I say to many of my clients – let your lifestyle become your medicine.

What to Expect Inside The Program:

You may need more than the topical application of products to grow, regrow and/or achieve your hair goals.

Taking a holistic approach to growing your hair means adopting a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, exercise, and meditation practices can support healthy hair growth.

You CAN do it!

And you will do it using my signature Body Scalp Hair (B.S.H.) approach to healthy hair and growth. You’ll be working with me – a certified trichologist. Together, we take a holistic approach by focusing on all of you – both inside and out.

Are you ready to (re)learn everything you thought you knew about how to grow and maintain healthy hair?

Join me inside Let’s Get Growing where I’ll teach you how to grow, regrow, and maintain healthy hair.

Join today! Let’s ‘get growing’ together.

As a licensed cosmetologist specializing in natural hair...

I am passionate about helping women transition to, and maintain their natural hair. After operating a salon for over 15 years, I realized a large portion of my clients were struggling with some variety of hair loss.

I was crushed by each woman’s struggle with losing their hair and seeing the way it affected their self-confidence and well-being, so I became a Certified Trichologist (hair loss practitioner).

I too dealt with extreme hair loss a few years ago due to genetic conditions triggered by unmanaged stress. It’s something that I continue to manage today.

My journey towards a healthier lifestyle changed the way I teach women to care for their natural hair.

The more time I spend with women who are dealing with hair loss, and other hair challenges, the more confirmation I have that healthy hair starts with a healthier body and mindset.

And even though I have an amazing product line that certainly aids in hair health and growth, for many women HAIR PRODUCTS ALONE ARE NOT ENOUGH!

You may need more than the topical application of products to grow, regrow and/or achieve your hair goals or to achieve healthier hair.

Sometimes it requires you to take a holistic approach to address hair and scalp issues by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

(Nutrition, exercise, and meditation practices have been proven to support healthy hair growth.)

Karen Flowers, Founder of Curl House

Why I Created Let's Get Growing...

Let’s Get Growing, is a comprehensive, holistic program that teaches you how to grow, regrow and maintain healthy hair and scalp through adopting an overall healthier lifestyle.

If you are experiencing no or slow hair growth, or struggling with maintaining healthy hair, then this program is for you! I want to help you become the best, healthiest version of yourself! AND reach your hair goals in the process.

Here's a general overview of how the program works:

✨ Our weekly LIVE group program series will give you the opportunity to ask me questions about your current hair challenges (remember, I’m a Trichologist, a hair loss and scalp care specialist, so I specialize in this!). No questions will go unanswered. 

✨ We’ll cover 7 modules, each one building upon the others, to help you clearly define and get closer to reaching your goals.  Even if you miss one of the LIVE program sessions – no problem!  You will have lifetime access to replay them anytime you want, AND they’ll include exercises and worksheets to help guide you throughout the program. 

You’ll also receive ongoing connection and support through our private community of other women who too are ready to be intentional about creating lifestyle changes to accompany their haircare practices. 

✨ No one should have to suffer in silence. This group gives voice to your concerns and offers support so that we can get growing together! 

✨ This 7-week program offer also includes BONUS tools and sessions and has a total value of over $2,500! A few bonuses to help support you along the way in your health and hair journey include my Hair and Scalp Routine Scheduling Guide, Calmfirmations for Healthy Hair Guided Activity Workbook, LIVE Dance Fitness Class and much more.

And wait… there’s even more! 

Do you really think I would launch a health and hair growth program and not give you an opportunity to try the Curl House Hair Restoration Collection? Yes, I know that hair products alone are not the answer to all of your hair and scalp challenges, but they play their part! 

You can try out the full product line at an exclusive discount of 50% off! You will receive the discount code after you complete Module 4 (Healthy Hair Grows from a Healthy Scalp). 

Our Customers Love Us

“I received a wealth of information during my first virtual consultation with Karen. She was very kind, professional, knowledgeable and provided personalized recommendations to help me on my journey to a healthier scalp and hair… Thank you Karen!” - Maria

"Karen helped me to identify the root cause of my hair loss; started treatment which included both topical products and lifestyle changes. She also encouraged me to continue praying for restoration of my hair and trust the process. She even prayed with me. Her faith encouraged my faith. Four years later, my hair is long, thick and healthy! " - Wendy

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What if my hair doesn’t grow back?

We recognize that hair can only grow from an ACTIVE AND VIABLE hair follicle. If the hair follicle is no longer viable, or permanently scarred, no hair will grow. Hair grows from nutrient uptake through the bloodstream. Where there is no blood flow, hair can’t grow. This is what typically occurs with permanent hair loss. We also recognize that many women deal with more extreme forms of hair loss, and may require additional help from a trichologist, dermatologist, or medical doctor. Our bonus module is geared to teaching participants about the more advanced solutions to hair loss. Participants will also complete a hair profile prior to joining the program to assess current hair challenges. We hope you’ll find participation in our program beneficial and the community connection invaluable.

Will this be live or online?

Both. This is 100% online. We'll use Zoom to connect via live video. (You'll be able to see me. I'll be able to see you. I'll be able to share my screen, and you'll be able to share yours.) The program also comes with a recording of everything we do. Important Note: I recommend you use the video option, but you can also call into Zoom using any phone line. (That's one of the reasons I picked Zoom. It's been reliable for me, and I like to use tools my clients can easily use too!) If you've been looking for a way to work with me to help you restore the health of your hair and scalp, this is it! Get ready to (re)learn everything you thought you knew about how to grow and maintain healthy hair. Enrollment is closed once we’re at capacity, and you will have to wait until the next class. Don’t miss out. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate! The time is now.

Will you give medical advice?

I am not a medical doctor, so am not able to provide medical advice. As a certified trichologist, I am able to offer suggestions on hair loss and provide hair and scalp education. This course is not a substitute for consultation with your medical providers, and we encourage you to obtain annual physicals and wellness checks to stay on top of your health.  

When will I see results or hair growth?

Hair growth is a gradual process. Hair grows on average ¼ to ½ inch per month as it varies from person to person. The Let’s Get Growing program provides the essential lifestyle principles and tools for growing, regrowing and maintaining healthy hair. After completion of the program, you can expect to see the beginning stages of stronger, healthier hair and scalp. There may not be a considerable amount of hair growth due to the natural time in which it takes hair to grow in general. The goal of the program is to implement and continue the habits learned in the program for sustained growth.